Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Disconnect!

'Holiday Disconnect'! I'm giving a name to this disorder that has been plaguing me for the last several years. The excitement of finding the perfect gift eludes me. In part, I think this comes from too many years of giving something that I thought was really special, only to be asked…”What is it?” or “What do I do with it?” Or, the dreaded…”Can I return this?” I’m notorious for giving ‘antique’ items. Items that I think are very special things that should be preserved and treasured. Some of them were even actually useful. For several years I’ve called off Christmas! I’m somewhat ashamed of myself, but apparently not enough to force myself to participate in the chaos of buying things retailers tell us we should buy. Growing up, Christmas was a chance to generously give people the things you thought they needed, small things that would somehow improve their lives or just simple things that they might enjoy or bring a smile to the faces of loved ones. We always expected new socks, pajamas and everyday things we needed. It wasn’t very often that we received simply frivolous gifts. Even our stockings (which were usually our parents socks) were filled with fruit, nuts and maybe a few pieces of candy. Never toys in stockings! Years ago, even wrapping gifts gave me such joy! I must confess, I have wrapped some pretty fancy gifts in my time! The folded edges, double sided tape and mounds of hand curled ribbons or raffia with greenery from the yard…it all gave me a sense that I was doing something more special to be added to the sentiment of me giving a gift and letting the recipient know that I took extra care to specially wrap their gift with the sentiment of the season. My mom spoiled me! She was the absolute BEST gift receiver, ever! I could have taken dog poop out of the yard, put it in a brown lunch bag and given it to her! Her response would have been, “How did you know I needed that?” There is not only an art to giving a gift, but the great art of ‘gift receiving’ is so very important. My gift to all of you is this…Hone your ‘gift receiving’ skills!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dove wants to know... wants to know... "What do you wish you'd known at 13...?"
Seriously? I'd like to have known so many things. Like... It's okay to be pretty AND smart! A teenage boy will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear! Boys will put you on a pedestal so they can watch you fall off... Girls can be mean; some of them may always be... but, deep down they are just as scared as you are. At 13... some men have difficulty realizing you are still a child... If you have a dream, follow it! Don't wait for someone to give you permission to be 'you'! Contrary to what my well intended relatives (who lived through the Great Depression...) said, there will, most likely, always be food and I didn't have to eat EVERYTHING they put on my plate! Skinny people are unhappy, too!
The good thing is... I know these things now!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Writing My Query for HICKORY HILL (again)

No one tells you that writing the query and the synopsis is actually more difficult than writing the novel! You should probably write the query and synopsis first and then write the novel around them! Ha!

I’ve spent two years writing and tweaking and rewriting my novel. The last year (the third) has been spent doing the requirements and trying to jump through all of the little hoops to get an agent. I've decided that it would be much easier if I were already a celebrity of some sort! Even if I were the ‘Clothespin Queen’, it would have been easier to land an agent!

And, tell me… Where is the ‘Recall’ button on my computer? I’ve sent out queries that have landed me the generic, but polite ‘No thanks, but this isn’t for us…’ and I swear, when I originally pressed ‘Send’, they were perfect! Once reviewed, after the polite rejection, I can’t believe THAT is what I sent out! What was I thinking? Was I drugged at the time? Will a single Margarita’s do that? Had Body Snatchers taken me over, trying to ruin my life for one of their sick experiments? Apparently!

This whole day has been devoted to perfecting my latest query, except for brief intervals of taking the dogs out so they can smell what other creatures may have peed in the yard, and roll in it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where does the time go? (No... I really want to know.)

Seriously, it has been a busy six months! I spent all fall getting my house ready to go up for sale (I have too much 'stuff'!)and then once that was on, I decided that I should go to Real Estate School and get my license to be a Realtor in Missouri.

So... here I am. Finally (and I mean... FINALLY...) licensed. I believe I took the National portion of the exam twice, but had to take the State part FOUR times! The odd thing is, I made 100% on 'Professional Responsibility' each time I took the test. I have no idea what that means, but I'm very proud of it.

As if doing all of this training was not enough to keep me busy, I'm still trying to get an agent for my book (HICKORY HILL). I have no doubt that I will find the right agent, it's just a matter of me getting it out there in front of him/her. After all, they aren't going to hijack my computer looking for the next great book!

Okay, I'm off to do 'real work' stuff.

Enjoy your life!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I finally passed the second portion of my Real Estate Exam today! There were moments, okay... days... when I thought that I may never pass the exam, but with the support and 'cheerleading efforts' of my friends (especially, Brenda!) I stuck it out! (Thank you!)
Many of my friends think I've dropped off the face of the earth, when in fact, I've been going to training in the mornings and meetings in the afternoon. The company that has taken me in, is Coldwell Banker Premier Group. From what I've seen, they provide the best, most extensive and comprehensive training of any of our local agencies. I'm very fortunate to have landed in this company!
I'll post more as things change.
Thanks, for stopping by!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Back!

Finally, I'm back! (Thank you, Brenda!)

I spent last week in a class that promised to prepare me for taking the exam that will allow me to become a licensed realtor in the state of Missouri. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee that I will pass the exam. (I don't think they took into consideration those with A.D.D. or those of us who are dyslexic.)

I'm scheduled to take the exam, for the second time, on Monday afternoon... Not to worry, I've spoken with many people who have had to take it many times, only 4 people I personally know passed the exam on the first try. (My son, Andrew, my friend, Lois, (has a PhD in Math), my friend/neighbor/realtor, Tracy and a guy from my class, Joe Guiliano.

This is such a HUGE step for me! In the past, I would not have shared with anyone that I was taking the class, in fear that I would not succeed on the test. Who am I kidding? My fear of failure was so great, and so instilled in me, that I would not have signed up for the class!

My new life is a time of sharing and believing that my friends want me to succeed in whatever I do. I like that about life... it allows you to change, and when necessary, re-invent parts of yourself.

Well... I'm off to read my book and then work on my CD in preparation for my test on Monday.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Day!

Today was my first day of Real Estate School! Yippee!
Actually, I'm very proud of myself!

It may seem like 'no big feat' for most adults. After all, most of my friends have muddled through college, grad school or medical school and gone on to 'real careers' or some kind of business of their own. My friends Jovita and Kay are the top in their fields. My friend Brenda owns a drink mix company that is hugely successful (If you've made Margarita's at home, you've probably used her Margarita Salt with the little yellow hat on the top. If not, try it! It's a great invention!) My friend, Sue, is one of the top ReMax agents in the country and my friend, Tracy, is well on her way. Actually, I didn't realize, until today, just how many of my friends are very successful real estate agents! I'm happy to say that all of my friends are very successful, loving, kind, decent people! I'm very proud of them!

Me? I've spent most of my life 'raising men for other women'.

Granted, it's a thankless job... but someone has to do it. And apparently there is a real need for women to step in and finish raising a 'man-child' that another woman hasn't quite completed. (or totally screwed up!)

My parents (my grandparents, who raised me) were sure that if I found a 'good man', got married, took care of him and raised children... life would be good.

Well, I've done that... TWICE! It isn't working. Oh, the 'children' part has turned out very well. (Thank YOU, God!) But, as far as the men I married...

The father of my two sons, as it turns out, wasn't a very good husband, but he is a good boyfriend (if you can use that for someone his age) to my friend, Wendy. There are no two people better suited for each other. Actually, I spend all of my holidays with them. Sad... right? No, not really. I love them, they are family.

All in all, he has really grown into the 'father role'. Originally, I had my doubts, and I can honestly say that my children are better off for having him as a father. He has excellent work ethics and is a good businessman and he has passed that along to the boys. He has been very successful and has taught our children well.

Currently my son, Andrew (30), is opening his ninth Supplement Superstore. He started that company with his friend Chris when they were in college at SMSU. He does what he loves.

My son, Sal (28), is currently a medical rep for Johnson & Johnson, actually he is a 'wound care specialist' for J&J's Ethicon division. He spends most of his days in an operating room or flying all over the country to train. He loves it.

So, I finally believe that it's my turn. While I'm trying to find someone to publish my book, HICKORY HILL, I'm going to be a real estate agent.

I've always loved real estate. I've bought and sold a lot of it... so I'm thinking I should be on the end where I can make more money on it. Sounds like a good plan!

Tomorrow is another day!